The Student Loan

Student loans are a way of financing studies that are increasingly used in France and are constantly growing with the crisis – Read more

Student loans are a means of financing higher education that is increasingly used in France. According to the Observatoire de la vie étudiante, 140,000 young people used the student loan in 2013 . This figure is constantly growing with the crisis.

According to an INSEE study released in 2002, 90% of students aged between 19 and 24 who no longer live with their parents still depend on permanent or occasional help from their parents. These sources of money associated with state aid are often supplemented by student loans.

The loan gives the advantage of providing consumer credit to support the lender’s studies and related expenses. In a number of conditions, the state can provide collateral for this loan.


What is the student loan?

student loan

The student loan is a credit intended for students to finance their study project even in case of lack of resources and deposit.


Who can get a student loan?

student loan

The borrowers eligible for the student loan must be young adults according to Article 341-4 of the Monetary and Financial Code. Banks request the opening of an account and to justify student status by providing a university or high school registration card.

Some financial institutions limit the age of lenders to a maximum of 28 years. Others have no requirement, but the age of death and disability insurance coverage is limited to 36 years.

To obtain a student loan, with the state guarantee, in addition to a valid registration in a high school for the BTS or in universities and colleges, you must:

  • to be under 28 at the time of subscription
  • to be French or citizen from a country the European Economic Area (EEA)


What guarantees can we receive from the state?

guarantees loan

Instead of having a parent as guarantor or guarantor, the state provides you through the public investment bank a guarantee with the financial institution lender. The Ipii France, will refund your possible failures.

For requests, you do not have to be a customer of a bank to submit an application. The bank can refuse to lend you even if you have the support of the state when it considers that you can not support the repayments.


How much can I get from a student loan?

student loan

As the lending institution is betting on the future of a potential customer that you can be, it will credit more a master’s student than a bachelor’s degree 1 or a high school student than a social science student. Moreover, according to a survey of the Observatory of Student Life (OVE), students in the trade sector are in pole position among the largest borrowers.

Loans can range from 760 to 45000 €, depending on the bank and the duration of the credit which ranges from 2 years minimum to 10 years on average . The higher a bond and high personal income, the larger the loan amount will be. Any student loan contract must mention the possibility of anticipating repayment while specifying the conditions of this reimbursement.


How is the refund?


The student loan is repaid in two-strokes . As a first step, you must make a choice for the so-called deferred phase of repayment (2 to 6 years). There is:

  • Partial exemption or deductible where the lender only pays interest and insurance premiums such as disability-death insurance (not required)
  • The most expensive exemption or deductible on the entire credit. You only initially pay for the insurance premiums you have taken out.

In a second time or amortization phase, at the end of studies, you repay the capital of the credit. The duration of this second stage depends on the first stage and the entire duration of the credit can reach 12 years. top


What is Nerex and recommendations to start investing


Imagine that today you buy 100 euros at the exchange rate of 0.87 euros per dollar (that is, you used 114.94 dollars), with the hope that in one week the euro will have more value. But the opposite happens and the euro depreciates against the dollar, leaving the exchange rate at 1 dollar per euro. Then your 100 euros would be worth only $ 100, a loss of $ 14.94. Learn more at

This is just a simple example, but in practice it is more complex and many of these operations are carried out with amounts greater than $ 1,000 USD. In addition the operations are in fractions of a second and with currency pairs such as Euros / Dollars, Yen / Euro; among others. That is why there are companies, brokers or brokers that offer this service in exchange for a commission.

How can you lose money in Nerex?

How can you lose money in Nerex?

Normally Nerex transactions are carried out with leverage, that is, a loan to finance the transaction. The advantage is that profits can be multiplied but the risk is also increased to the point that you can become insolvent. In the previous example, suppose you have those $ 114.94 to buy 100 euros, but you ask to “borrow” to buy 1,000 euros, spending $ 1149.40. If the dollar appreciates 1 to 1, then you will have lost $ 149.40 dollars (not the 14.94 of the previous example).

Example of how leverage works

Example of how leverage works

You buy 1 million euros at the exchange rate of 1.14 dollars per euro, that is: you took 1 million 140 thousand dollars from your bag to buy that amount of euros.

The day after your purchase the exchange rate is 1.5 dollars per euro, so now your currencies are worth 1.5 million dollars, that is to say you obtained 360 thousand dollars in profits.

Now imagine that the operation was carried out with leverage: to buy that million euros you put 300 thousand dollars and the bank lent you 840 thousand with an interest of 10% [1].

A year after your purchase the exchange rate is 1.5 euros per dollar, so the million euros is now 1.5 million dollars, of which you will have to pay the bank the 840 thousand dollars of capital plus interest.

This leaves in your account 576 thousand dollars, of which 300 thousand are your initial capital and 276 thousand in net earnings, almost double your initial capital.

As you can see, when you use leverage to trade Nerex, profits increase, but also the risk.

On the other hand, suppose the dollar appreciated at 1 per euro. It means that the 1 million 140 thousand dollars you used to buy the euros are now worth 1 million dollars, you lost 140 thousand dollars, if you did not use a credit.

However, with a leverage of that million dollars you now have, you must pay the bank 840 thousand dollars of the loan plus 84 thousand interest, [2] leaving 76 thousand dollars in your account, that is, you lost 224 thousand dollars.

Leverage or credit is usually expressed as 1: 5. It means that for every dollar, euro, peso … The institution that will finance you will put 5 dollars, pesos, euros, etc. This level of financing may be higher and provide better profits, but the risk is increased to the same extent.

Recommendations to invest in Nerex


  • While it is very easy to enter this market, it is also easy to lose money, and the minimum amount to enter is 1,000 USD in most cases.
  • Remember that it is a very volatile market, so it is recommended only for those who have more experience and enough capital.
  • It is a market only for those who have a high risk tolerance, and are willing to lose a portion of their money.
  • As in other investment mechanisms it is recommended to invest money that you do not need, that is: money to spare, once your needs and commitments have been met.
  • If you opt for leverage, find out about the credit conditions and determine your ability to pay in case of loss.
  1. It is unlikely that an institution will lend you that amount if you have 300 thousand dollars in your account, but this amount has been established as an example for this article. ↑
  2. The aforementioned interests are a representative example to demonstrate how leverage works, so in a real situation the figures will be different. 

How to easily get a loan for your small business?

Well, most of the time, when people are going to get a loan for a small business, companies and lenders require a guarantee, their credit score and many other things to know them properly and also for security reasons. So the whole process is a little complicated for people. Now, the fundamental and burning question is what should they do to get a loan for a small business without collateral and with bad credit as well?

Yes, you hear well, get a loan for a small business with bad credit and no collateral. It’s possible? Yes, some of the main elements that help people sharing the same concept are mentioned below and everyone should be aware of these items to easily get a loan for their small business

  • Increase your chances – Well, that means you should increase the chances of everything in your business. Everything must be done in their business to improve solvency. One must pay their bills, credit payments and all other payments in a timely manner and get a good credit score and good value, in order to make their business more valuable. The same thing helps people to make a reputable business in order to easily get a small business loan afterwards.
  • Unsecured Financing – This means that to make your business more reputable and more profitable, you need to engage in peer-to-peer financing. They must provide the loan to the borrowers without any guarantee. The same process makes you potential lender and good, so you become more valuable and you get the loan for small businesses easily.
  • Friends and family – Another important aspect is that you have to look for a partner with whom to join your company. People always need to find someone who can lend money to their business. They must find the best business partner for them, who can easily lend money, from starting a business to its expansion process.
  • Find a partner for your business – This means that if you can maintain the right balance of your business and always achieve good things, then the same thing increases the chances of getting a good business partner. If you find a good business partner with a good credit rating, he will apply for a small business loan and you will get it easily.
  • Ask People – This is about applying for a small business loan to lenders. People can easily apply for a loan outside of their business to get a loan because this is the best place to get the most money possible.

So here are some ways and methods that help people get a loan for their small business without collateral and with bad credit.

Simple and easy SEO tips for all small businesses

Simple and easy SEO tips for all small businesses

As you know, it is very important nowadays that the online presence of all small businesses matters a lot. It is therefore necessary to use the SEO tips correctly in order to easily and effectively reach the targeted target. What are SEO tips and SEO strategies? Well, SEO tips and strategies are the key and fundamental elements related to the SEO concept that helps users strengthen the presence of their small online business.

Not only the presence, but these SEO strategies and tips also make the website of people effective and valuable. With the help of, people are getting more and more new users on their website, which they use in their small business. If people do not want to use these tips and SEO strategies themselves, there are many other ways. Among all the other ways, the best is to take help from any web development agency.

With the help of the same, they improve their website, which also helps a lot their small business. Taking help from a website development company and using tips are just two best ways of all. It is therefore necessary for users to know the essential and essential SEO tips that help them in the online presence of their small business.

SEO vital tips to keep in mind

SEO vital tips to keep in mind

The tips below are the best and best tips that every individual needs to know to be a good thing in small businesses. The more people follow these tips, the easier they will get positive results. So here are some key tips to know about properly –

  • Mobile and user – friendly site – It is essential to launch the online presence process of a small business. This means that people need to create their professional website more friendly and mobile.
  • Providing quality content – Another important thing is that people need to focus more on the content they provide. The content they provide must be of high quality and informative to the users.
  • Long tail keywords – Another thing to include in the same process is that users have to use more and more long tail keywords. This is because these types of keywords are easier to find by Google.
  • Add links – Yes, that’s fine, adding the relevant and relevant links related to the concept also helps a lot in the same concept. It is therefore necessary to add links to the content you provide on your website.
  • Images – People should also need to add the best images in their content to make the concept easier to understand. They should also describe the image correctly. Not only the images, but they must also provide the sitemaps in their content.

So these are some basic SEO tips that every small business needs to get a good online presence. By following these tips correctly, a small business may seem more useful online. This can work for all types of brands.


Guide to school loan: characteristics and obtaining funding


Do you know the school loan ? Do you know what its features are and how you can get it?

Perhaps it has never happened to you to deal with the personal school loan , but if you have children of school age, it will probably be useful to know that it is possible to try to obtain an ad hoc loan to be able to satisfy their needs, at really conditions fantastic and also comparable to that of a loan without a paycheck .

How much does the school cost?


Before understanding what the characteristics of the school loan are and why it could really be a solution that can do for you, let’s make a small introduction.

According to the most recent and most reliable data provided by the main consumer associations, each Italian family spends over 500 euros per school-age child , with peaks that can frequently exceed 1,000 euros.

In short, even though much depends on the type of school and the need for more or less advanced teaching equipment, studying costs … and even a lot!

Hence the need for students’ parents to cope with these school needs with their own resources or by resorting to funding such as loan changes .

It is certainly no coincidence that school expenses represent one of the heaviest household budget items. And it is certainly not a case that these are practically essential expenses, given that their training and that of their children must be at the top of their needs.

What is the school loan

school loan

Having clarified how important it is to try to make up for the school expenses as best as possible, and reiterating how heavy these costs can be for your budget, you need to try to understand what the small school loan is and why it could really do just that? .

To do this, let us remember that the school loan is a particular form of support that can help families less well off in economic terms , or those that in principle cannot access school contributions because their income exceeds the expected threshold from the terms of Isee, or those that cannot have access to contributions because there is no availability of funds.

For all these families, useful school loans are available, special forms of small loans that can meet increasingly common needs.

School voucher

With this premise, it emerges that school loans are lines of credit that can make up for the impossibility of obtaining vouchers for school expenses.

In this context, we recall that every year the regions provide the municipalities with funds for families, in order to cover all or part of the costs for the purchase of textbooks and school materials.

The maximum amounts payable vary from region to region, as well as the minimum requirements to be met in order to have access to the aforementioned funds.

Although there are significant differences between regions, the contributions are generally able to represent vouchers for the purchase of school textbooks present in participating stores.

School loan

School loan

Having opened this little parenthesis, we can go back to fast online school loans .

For many years, many credit institutions have spread credit lines that have the sole purpose of allowing parents of school-age children to be able to pay for educational material on favorable terms.

There are so many alternatives available on the market.

The funding can therefore reach up to € 1,000 for a family that has a student in elementary school, or € 2,000 if their child studies in middle school or high school. If the child is at the University you can get from 3,000 to 5,000 euros.

The interest rate is facilitated compared to other forms of credit, and the amortization plan ranges from 12 to 24 months.

Getting this funding is very simple. It will be sufficient for you to go to any post office with your identity documents, income documents and ISEE.

Bank school loans

Bank school loans

Of course, many online 2017 school micro-loans can also be found within banks, where many institutions have set up ad hoc financing for their clients.

We therefore recommend that you first use your main reference bank . We are certain that its interior can be found some good alternative, which you will then have the opportunity to compare with those of direct competitors.

A further alternative will then be represented by financial companies.

At this point, if you want to know more we’ll want to contact our office.

Having followed school loan advice for our clients for years, we will be delighted to be able to share the best moves for you in order to be able to identify the best financial solution with which to cover all your child’s school expenses, guaranteeing you only the best conditions on the market!


Why it’s much better for small businesses to make an online loan instead of going to the bank


Loans exist since the year 2000 BC. J.-C .; Nothing new under the sun. In contemporary times, the easiest way to get financing for your small business was to get a loan from the bank. The arrival of FinTech has changed everything and banks are no longer the only solution for small business loans. There are certain advantages to getting an online loan, benefits that banks are unable to offer. This is exactly what we will explore in today’s article.

Are online loans safe?

Let’s settle this question right away. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the online loan universe. One can answer without hesitation yes, as long as you know that those with whom you do business have put in place the appropriate security measures. We must recognize that we all make transactions online, sometimes even several times a day, without worrying in the least. Giving your credit card information on is one thing while giving the same information to is a different story. We wrote some time ago a full blog on online security that you can read by clicking here here.

Benefits of Online Loans for Small Businesses

 Benefits of Online Loans for Small Businesses

It’s time to look at some of the reasons that online loans for your small business may be more advantageous than a bank loan.

It’s a faster process

 It's a faster process

Any business owner who has applied for a loan at a bank knows very well how the process can be painful and painful. Not only do you have to fill in a lot of paperwork but, more importantly, you often have to wait for months before getting the funds. The speed with which you can have an online loan can vary, but at Evolocity the funds may already be in your account in less than 48 hours after approval. Companies are often in a state of emergency when they need additional funding, whether for repairs or other unplanned expenses, and the speed of funding makes all the difference.

Higher approval rate

 Higher approval rate

Banks and online lenders use very different decision processes. Banks have very strict criteria and can refuse an application simply because the company is too small or does not meet a certain profile. Unlike banks, online lenders consider some factors and can accommodate more businesses. This does not mean that companies will necessarily be accepted or that they must stop applying for a loan if they have been refused by a bank in the past.

Flexible repayment options

Banks do not facilitate repayment. The standard in this area is a lump sum at the end of each month. This sum can be difficult to budget and have serious consequences for the company. Online loans to small businesses often offer so-called micropayments. Small amounts are taken each day and are thus much easier to meet. When the terms of the loan are determined, the customer can customize its terms and the duration of its repayment.

Once again, we only scratch the surface. In general, online small business loans are simply more convenient than bank loans. Of course, convenience is paid for and interest rates will always be slightly higher for online loans than for bank loans.

Where to look for an online small business loan

 Where to look for an online small business loan

Do you want to get a loan? To learn more about our loan program, you can visit our website by clicking here. If a commercial loan is not suitable for your business, we also offer flexible cash advances to merchant cash advance merchants. Every business is unique and our financing experts are ready to help you find the best solution to meet the needs of your small business


Always Separate Personal and Business Finance

For those of you who are just starting a business, mixing personal and business finance is a fundamental mistake that is often made. Usually, this happens because of the messy cash flow recording and sudden financial needs. As a result, business finance is often used for personal matters. In fact, mixing business finance with personal matters has many risks.

Risk of mixing personal and business finance

Risk of mixing personal and business finance

If you are not disciplined in separating personal money and business money, you will be distracted yourself when making company financial statements. The risk of recording business cash flows is greater. This can have a pretty bad effect if you miscalculate the business tax you have to pay. Of course, you don’t want this, right?

The importance of separating personal and business funds

The importance of separating personal and business funds

Separating personal money from business money is very important. It’s best to apply this since the first day you open a business. After knowing the risk, the next thing you have to do is apply it in the following ways:

1. Create a separate account

The most practical thing you can do is to have a special account for your business. That way, you won’t need to put business money into your personal account. No need to make it at a different bank. You can create these accounts at the same bank and continue to monitor the financial condition of your business and your personal financial condition.

2. Save proof of transaction

Whatever expenses for your business, make sure you keep all the evidence of the transaction. Never do personal transactions with businesses together. Always separate the execution of transactions and proof of the transaction. Also do a record of your expenses regularly.

3. Give a salary for yourself

Entrepreneurs often use business money because they feel they don’t have enough money. Especially if the business has made a profit, you usually feel entitled to enjoy these benefits personally. In fact, this is not a good application of financial management. To avoid this incident, you should allocate business funds to pay yourself. That way, the salary is what you can use to meet your personal needs. Don’t forget to also transfer your salary from a business account into a personal account.

Financial management is very important so that your business can run smoothly. One good management is to separate personal and business finance. Do not just because you need urgent funds and then use a loan of money from your business funds. It is better to borrow money by applying for an online loan from Captain Greg. That way, you don’t need to mix business money with your personal money.


Wholesale Loans

What funding is usually needed for a wholesale business?

What funding is usually needed for a wholesale business?

Wholesale companies sell and distribute products to resellers. Wholesale entrepreneurs are divided into several categories, the main ones are:

  • Wholesalers: wholesalers get products from manufacturers, and store them before reselling them to consumers

  • Agents and producers: agents and producers do not deal directly with products, but they negotiate transactions between sellers and buyers

  • Branch and office producers: the function of office facilities is to distribute products from producers to the wholesaler level

Loans for wholesalers can meet various expenses for running wholesale companies such as the following:

Buy inventory stock

Getting a loan can help businesses meet their investment needs, for example having enough inventory to meet consumer demand, expanding offers to attract consumers or buying large quantities of wholesale products that are being discounted to save production costs.

Technology Investment

Automation, global expansion, omnichannel sales and B2B e-commerce are a fast-moving trend in the development of wholesale distribution – of course companies need to invest in technology to meet this emerging trend in the market. Examples of modifying websites, cross-border transaction technology, automation tools, tools for consumer management and even B2B e-commerce.

Marketing Activities

To effectively promote your products to retailers and buyers, you need the right marketing strategy. Generally, wholesale companies use online and offline marketing methods, such as e-mail promotions, content marketing, member get member programs, contacting prospective customers, creating advertisements and sending letters or packages containing product samples.

Expanding Warehouse Capacity

Narrow and irregular storage places affect the efficiency and safety of workers. External financing can be useful to cover the costs needed to move the warehouse to a more comfortable and spacious place, or renovate a warehouse by adding floors or expanding warehouse capacity.

Managing Employee Salaries

To ensure the company’s activities continue to run smoothly, you must ensure warehouse employees, together with the team in the office, can work together to manage all aspects of the company such as relationships with consumers, finance, and marketing. During difficult times of the company, the choice of external financing is very useful to help you pay employee salaries on time.

What types of loans are available for wholesale business?

What types of loans are available for wholesale business?

Loan with guarantee

This type of loan requires the borrower to hand over assets as collateral to the loan provider. If the borrower cannot repay the loan in accordance with the agreement, the loan provider can sell the asset a number of outstanding debts. Working capital loans, factoring (invoice financing), and inventory financing are examples of this type of loan.

Unsecured loan

Unlike a secured loan, this type of loan does not require collateral, and is approved based on other factors such as the creditworthiness and financial strength of your company. Through alternative loan providers, applying for a loan without guarantee can be fast and convenient. An efficient process, plus the flexibility of offering loans to be able to meet a variety of business needs.

Factoring Receivables (Invoice Financing)

Factoring is a short-term financing option that allows employers to borrow funds based on bills that have not been paid to him. This financing is the right choice for small to medium scale wholesalers, because usually this scale business often finds a gap between the time of payment to the provider and the time the entrepreneur gets paid from the customers.

Inventory Financing

This type of loan is a loan with your inventory of goods / products as collateral. These loans are usually used for short-term business purposes, such as covering the lack of funds or buying other stocks to prepare if consumer demand increases.

Tips to help you prepare loan applications

Tips to help you prepare loan applications

Getting external funding can be difficult for small and medium scale businesses, but with proper preparation, the process can be easier. The following are tips so that you are confident loan approval is approved:

Develop Clear Planning

Mapping a comprehensive plan – including predicting sales, outgoing and incoming funds – can help prospective lenders understand the details of why they should invest in your company, this gives an idea of ​​your company’s progress in the next six months or one year. It is also important to elaborate on your strategy to repay the loan, this method is good for showing that you are able to make credit payments consistently.

Show you have high selling points

With inventory financing, loan providers need to determine that your product has high selling value. Remember, you must be able to show that you can sell the stock that you have in a short time, also prepare a consistent company sales track record. In submission, this is used as an indication that you can set the product to sell quickly.

Where can I get a loan for a wholesale business?

Where can I get a loan for a wholesale business?

Sometimes funding from parties is needed to expand the business and finance the company’s daily activities. But to get it is not an easy thing, especially submission to conventional lenders requires a lot of requirements and the process is long enough.

With online loans like Aspire, the loan application process can be easier and faster – sending submissions only takes a matter of minutes and you will be confirmed in 24 hours.


Mortgage credit directive: protection of borrowers and early termination

mortgage credit

The mortgage credit directive (MCD) is a European directive that deals with mortgages and the rights of consumers who subscribe to these loans. This is Directive 2014/17 / EC , which must be applied within all EU Member States, including Italy. This important piece of EU legislation aims to strengthen safeguards for borrowers, particularly those who have signed a mortgage loan. His subsequent application in Italy was met with some controversy: let’s see why and clarify all the doubts about it.

The directive intervenes first of all on the subject of the early repayment of the loan

The directive intervenes first of all on the subject of the early repayment of the loan

The possibility of repaying the remaining installments of the loan in a single payment, without paying interest anymore. An advantageous opportunity, which some believed was at risk after the Mortgage Credit Directive came into force. In fact, the European law provides that the borrower has the right to pay off the loan in advance, but that the bank can still request a fair compensation .

This legislation appears to be in contradiction with the provisions of the 2007 Bersani law, which greatly facilitated the life of those who opened a mortgage. In the matter of early termination, in fact, the Bersani law provides for the prohibition for banks to request the payment of a penalty to the subscriber. Instead, the directive would seem to say the opposite: is there perhaps a risk of going back 10 years and paying a penalty for early redemption? The answer is no: the same directive in fact offers the possibility to European governments to introduce more favorable measures for consumers , just like the non-payment of the penalty.

Another important point of the MCD directive is the EU’s warning to banks to be more tolerant of those who are unable to pay some installments and therefore to spend more time before starting any action against the insolvent payer.

Furthermore, in the event of the sale of the mortgaged house

mortgaged house

The Mortgage Credit Directive provides that there are no longer any residual debts to be paid by the payer: this means that after obtaining the proceeds from the sale of the mortgaged house, the bank can no longer rely on the customer.


The Retired Loan

Seniors today represent a fast-growing market in France. Nevertheless, the financing needs of seniors are also growing. Read more

Seniors today represent a fast-growing market in France. One in two consumers is senior and the dynamics of their purchasing power, amounting to 150 billion euros, is constantly growing.

Nevertheless, seniors’ financing needs are also progressing on the issues of property acquisition, consumption, financing of an emergency, retirement, etc.


More and more recourse to retired credit

More and more recourse to retired credit

Between 1995 and 2012, the proportion of households aged 65 to over who took out a credit increased from 12.6% to 24.9%. This figure of seniors holding a credit conceals a significant use of consumption credits.

The proportion of households with 55-64 consumer credit holders grew by 11% between 1990 and 2007. The same is true for seniors over 65 years of age. The proportion of credit holders in this category rose by 14% in the same period.

Seniors (over 50) represent more than a third of the French population. As life expectancy grows, seniors live longer in good health. They are even more active and their need for financing is exploding.


Which loan organizations are retired?

Which loan organizations are retired?

The retired loan is:

  • With the banks

The current period of low rates and falling prices in real estate is favorable to a real estate acquisition. Even if seniors face the obstacle of insurance whose requirements rise with age, they can access the loan up to 70 years . Beyond that, banks are reluctant to take risks, even if the health of the borrower is good. What will persuade the banker is the repayment period, the loan amount and the age of the borrower.

The insurances are more demanding in terms of guaranteed in the case of a reprocessed loan. By law, you can play on the competition between the insurer of the bank and others of your choice. The counterparties can be life insurance, title property, etc. You need insurance only in the case of a real estate acquisition.


  • With a pension fund

You can also benefit, for a real estate acquisition (principal residence, second home …), a loan of the pension funds of an amount that does not generally exceed 15000 euros. The first condition is to have contributed between 1 and 5 years depending on the fund. If you apply for CNRACL’s social loans, you will need a good financial reputation. The rates charged (from 0% to 0.75%) indexed to the resources of the borrower are very competitive .


In case of refusal of insurance

In case of refusal of insurance

The case of refusal of insurance concerns only the mortgage. The refusal can be motivated by a serious health problem. This is where the AERAS agreement, available from insurers, comes in, which will cover the additional risk with an insurer who is the only one to decide as a last resort. The cost of this coverage is important, but it’s best not to hide your health issues from insurance.

In case of persistent refusal, call an insurance broker to help you find a favorable insurer.


To negotiate your loan

To negotiate your loan

At the moment when the rate rise is projected in the short-medium term, it is better to lend at a fixed rate . The variable rate in this context is more risky. But, if you still think you have a variable rate pension, think of a capped rate (capped rate) and you can always anticipate the possibility of switching to a fixed rate if this is not very expensive. Negotiate degressive monthly payments that are larger at the beginning and lower as repayment progresses

Know that using the service of an insurance broker can cost you between 0.4 and 1% of the amount you borrow. All of this allows you to borrow for your projects even with age.


Relief period: temporary suspension of interest

The deductible period is a short period of time in which no interest is paid on a loan obtained or, more often, on payments made with a credit card . It must be remembered that when using a credit card, the operation is very similar to that of a loan: the expense figures correspond in fact to a loan that the bank grants the customer. And like all loans, this sum of money must also be repaid ,

With the recognition of a more or less significant interest rate

interest rate

But this does not happen within the franchise period.

The time in which the deductible is applied is established by the contract with which the credit card is established. If for normal loans the deductible usually lasts one month, for the credit card the time period identified often corresponds to the next repayment installment, in the middle of the following month . In fact, when payments are made with the card, these are not directly deducted from the current account connected to it, but will only be reimbursed at a later time . On these repayments, however, accrued interest may accrue if you are not within the period of the deductible.

A special case concerns revolving credit cards

A special case concerns revolving credit cards

This special type of card, more and more widespread in the credit market, allows repayments to be paid in installments over time. This means that instead of returning to the bank everything that was spent in the previous month, only a part will be reimbursed . When the card is issued, it will be necessary to agree with the bank on the maximum reimbursable threshold each month: if the monthly reimbursement were to exceed it, the installment would start and the excess would be spread on subsequent months.

The cost of this flexibility is a much higher interest rate (even 14-20%). Another consequence is that to enjoy the deductible period and therefore not to pay the established interest, it is necessary to suspend the revolving procedure . In this case, you agree to pay the entire sum to be reimbursed in a single payment at the natural expiry date (mid-month), without enjoying the installment payment. Obviously, however, the interest cost will be lower. We must therefore balance the costs and benefits of the choice : save interest and pay a huge sum immediately, or pay in installments at the cost of a higher interest.